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The swimming pool is notable for its chlorine free water , thanks to our safe & innovative system of using titanium.


  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • 18 mt x 7 mt ( 60 ‘ x 23 ‘)
  • varying depth of between 90 cm and 125 cm
  • children's area with a depth of 50 cm
  • jacuzzi jets
  • geyser jets
  • waterfall and slide
  • temperature controlled


The most natural and healthy way to treat our pool water is by “salt electrolysis” which simply uses a combination of salt, water and a very mild electric current. The resulting reaction converts the salt into a sanitizer that neutralizes any bacteria and algae , subsequently the water stays fresh and clean is neither an
irritant to the skin or to the eyes plus of course a “no chlorine smell”.


The system is healthy and natural and the salinity of the water is so low that it can be compared to that of a human tear and is six times lower than that of sea water. As an added benefit the salt water also becomes a mild antiseptic, has no smell and cannot irritate the skin or eyes, a small amount of iodine is produced which can enhance the skin and produce a beautiful tan. The water is monitored constantly and is completely safe for adults, children and babieso.


The system eliminates the risk of handling toxic chemicals normally associated with Chlorine based pools and is especially safe where children are concerned . It is the ultimate eco- friendly system , as this form of water treatment means less water wastage and in our winter months inhibits the growth of bacteria that occur with chlorine based pools , so protecting and preserving our water and our environment.