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“The barefoot” path

Experience the amazing sensation of walking barefoot along our especially constructed path and stimulate the reflexive zones of your feet, naturally eliminate energy blockages by this unique form of reflexology.

Our feet are subject to constant stress, which barefooting can eliminate, feel the benefits of osteoarticular stimulation and aid any circulatory disorders of the lower leg.

An interesting aspect of “barefooting” is to rediscover the sensitivity of the skin on the soles of our feet which is even stronger than those on our hands. Barefooting awakes these senses by the use of soft, slippery, wet, cold, warm and sharp surfaces.

The health advantages are incredible with the release of bioenergetics giving improved energy and a feeling of well being.

Barefooting is known to help with: Digestive disorders, Insomnia, Circulatory problems, Weak veins, Infections such as colds or flu, Reduction of pain as an anti inflammatory, Muscle tension, Stress.

The barefoot path at Contea dei Ciliegi is 50 metres long and is made of up of eight sections of varying materials. Dependant on colour and material each section reacts differently to the suns rays so increasing the sensation felt. These are:

  • Kernels of cherries
  • Pino Marittimo bark
  • Carrara White pebbles
  • Chestnut
  • Green Alps pebbles
  • Bamboo
  • Ebony Black pebbles
  • Pino Marittimo bark
  • Cold Water